Diwali sweets

Let’s make this festive season sweeter with Chocolate Barfi, Kaju Kaltli, Chocolate Peda

Sweets have been an integral part of our festivals. There are so many types of sweets, such as barfis and pedas, which we love to eat on any special occasion. In this article, we will be helping you with a few recipes of this mouth-watering sweets: Chocolate Barfi, Microwave Kaju Kartli, and Chocolate peda recipe. […]

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A Sneak Peak To Being A Pescatarian: One Who Eats Only Fish And No Other Meat

Have you ever heard the word “Pescatarian” or anything relating to it? For the naïve, let me help you understand it. Pescatarian is a term at times used to refer to those who refrain from consuming animal flesh and all meat, except fish. Implying, a pescatarian or one following the pescatarian approach of eating upholds […]

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